Ways Inbound Marketing can create ripples in any business!

Ways Inbound Marketing can create ripples in any business! 1

The influx of the digital era has drastically changed the thinking and behaviour of consumers and consequently changed the way marketers market their business.

Luckily, digital marketers can make the use of this evolved technology to their advantage.

Inbound Marketing is the use of different channels to attract the right consumers to your business, create maximum engagement, generate leads and promotion. (especially online and mobile interactions)

So, here are some ways to utilize digital touchpoints through inbound marketing which if deployed efficiently can really produce game changing results for any business.

  • Inbound marketing strategy: using Multi-channel approach to reach a larger audience and provide a streamlined process. Depending on your business goals, the foremost is to come up with an inbound strategy


  • Blogging– Blog! Blog! Blog. Creating relevant and informative (Search Engine Optimized) content for your target audience! This single channel is flexible and comprehensive and claimed to be drastically effective. Infographics, Polls, calculators can really improve the quality of your content. https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing is a great way to get creative and collaborative content ideas.


  • SEO- to attract the right kind of crowd, this is a big one, so-much-so that we believe that it requires a strategy of its own “keyword strategy. Starting from basic on page SEO pages to creating back-links for your site. There are numerous tools available (hub Spot, google analytics, word press) but you require SEO/PPC experts to make it worth the effort.


  • Web development/ Web design– increased efficiency and functionality of your website; as a major digital touchpoint, your Website should not only be a list your services but a guide to relieving consumer pain points by providing solutions (most importantly Mobile friendly)


  • Email marketing– it is what makes a business better than any other in today’s (B2B/B2C) environment; email can help you promote your brand inexpensively. It is an efficient way to connect with your customer, prospect and existing and increase your conversion rate by sending out relevant information


  • Web analytics / data analysis- one of the greatest benefits of non-traditional marketing methods is that the results of all these metrics are measurable. Inbound Data is crucial in determining the long-term marketing strategies of any business. A/B testing is a great way to monitor your running strategies. What works and What needs Improvement!


  • Social media– using your own social media channels, paid social media ads and nurturing relationships with other users. Social Media analytics is a great tool to gain insights helping you create the right content. Create groups on Twitter/FB/LinkedIn for building links and promotion. (influencer marketing and video marketing seem to be on the rise).

The sooner you can put a plan into action, sooner you will be reaping the rewards of inbound marketing – more leads, at a lower cost, generated by a definitively scalable strategy.

If you have any positive or negative inbound stories or need an inbound consultancy we @DEFQON digital would love to hear from you!