Trends of 2020: SEO Marketing

Trends of 2020 SEO Marketing

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What is the dream of every online company? What is it that Neil Patel has and you don’t?

A #1 Ranking in Google Search! 

Although SEO marketing is a relatively new industry, the rapid influx of SEO tools, SEO marketing strategies, and SEO analytics means that nothing is the same as it was 5, 10 or 15 years ago. In fact with the growing competition, companies can no longer rely on simple organic search and staying contextually relevant is becoming tougher and tougher. Here are a few SEO trends, that will help you stay on top, in 2020.

Featured Snippets

Google Results is now so much more than just plain links that are relevant to the search term/terms.

Have you ever typed a search term in the Google search engine and the first thing that pops up right below the ads, in a box,  is a specific search result?

That is what you call a featured snippet.

Here’s an example to help you understand better:

Trends of 2020: SEO Marketing

This type of snippet is a paragraph snippet with an image and is, in fact, the most popular type of featured snippets. Other types of featured snippets include numbered/bulleted lists and tables.

The real question is, just how big are featured snippets these days? The answer is HUGE! 

According to a report by the columnist Ben Goodsell, click-through rate (CTR) on a featured page increased from two percent to eight percent once it’s placed in an answer box, with revenue from organic traffic increasing by 677%. 

In fact, as far as effective SEO marketing is concerned, 2020 will be the year when ranking for featured snippets is much more beneficial for your business than just ranking #1 on Google. This is because over the passage of time they have taken over SERPs, give you tons of free exposure and build your brand’s credibility among its competitors.

What to do?

In order to understand how to rank for featured snippets, we must first understand what makes them so special.

Why are featured snippets so popular?

It’s because they answer questions, people are searching for, in the most accurate, convenient and easy way. You do not have to click through a dozen pages to find what you’re looking for.

Featured snippets have opened massive opportunities for content generators and marketers. At Defqon Digital, our SEO experts have teamed up with our content creators to make high-quality content that is ‘snippable.’ Our recipe of success has the following ingredients:

  • Using SEMrush to uncover the featured snippets of competitors, they got ranked for and then optimizing our own content for the exact same words and topics.
  •  Using Answer The Public to find the questions people are asking and then answering them in the content
  • Using Ubersuggest for some old-school keyword research.  

If you are new to the use of analytical tools for SEO marketing, then here are some easy tips to optimize your content for featured snippets.

  • Use headings and subheadings frequently
  • Introduce a ‘How to’ section in your piece of writing
  • The most popular type of featured snippets are paragraphs containing images or high-quality images. Use them!
  • Keep the information under each subheading concise. According to Getstart, the average size of a featured snippet is 40-50 words. 

Influencer Industry

Log into Instagram, and your feed will be flooded by a horde of excited millennials, showcasing their makeup looks, gym routines, or motivational speeches.

What is common among each one of them is that they are representatives of an industry that has taken the digital world by a storm.

The influencer industry.

An influencer is an individual who has experience, knowledge or authority in a particular niche and can influence the purchasing decision of the relevant audience in that niche.

But how can influencers prove to be a bone for your SEO Marketing efforts? Here’s how.

Influencers can help you build a strong link profile. According to a survey conducted by Moz, link features of sites that link to you are among the top search engine ranking factors. If you work with an influencer, for example, a blogger or an online writer, there is a huge possibility that they will link you when creating content. This generates a strong profile backlink. One that sells!

Trends of 2020 SEO Marketing

Influencers can also help you increase your engagement across various social media platforms. As influencers have a massive following, if they engage with your content on any level, it will automatically improve your online visibility.

An influencer sharing your link increases your chances of having other people see the link and share it. Traditional SEO Marketing trends dictate that there is a huge chance for higher-authority domains to pick up on your site and then add it to their own site.

A study conducted by Annalect and Twitter found that people trust influencers just as much as their friends. While 56% of users rely on their friends for recommendations, 49% of users rely on influencers on Twitter on Facebook. This means that an online buyer would be more inclined to buy something due to an influencer review than an advertisement.

In fact, most online users now find ads to be redundant and intrusive and trust influencer recommendations due to their authenticity.

The experience of one influences the experience of another.

What to do?

According to Linqua, 39% of marketers had increased their influencer marketing budget by 2018 and 30% of them were spending between $25k and $30k on influencer marketing. 

This means that investing in the influencer market is no more just an option for better SEO marketing. It is a necessity.

At Defqon Digital we understand the importance of keeping up with influencers and maintaining healthy relationships with our clients. Our portfolio of dedicated clients is a rich source of site backlinks, acknowledging and showcasing our work for them, through various social channels.

Our SEO Marketing analysts, often recommend our clients to identify influencers in their niche and reach out to them through free merchandise and giveaways, encouraging them to review their products and services.

Semantic Search and Intent Optimization

Google algorithms are changing at a rate faster than you can read this blog and 2020 will be no different.

Gone are the days when Google used a simple exact-keyword matching optimization method to filter the SERPS, and SEO marketing strategies are having a hard time catching up. Today, Google understands ‘things’ and not ‘strings.’

Recent Google updates like RankBrain and BERT have made Google search results more relevant and Google more life-like. Instead of using the exact string of words that are typed in the search box, Google now looks at the context of the query and analyzes the possible intent of the user.

This is how it works:

I typed ‘German Shepherd missing’ in the search engine and got the following few results.

Trends of 2020 SEO Marketing

You will notice that Google makes the following interpretations of the query:

  • Google understands that you may have lost your dog and the best way to search for it is in a missing dog database.
  • Google also understands that you might be in possession of a lost dog and tells you what to do under those circumstances
  • Suggested search results are equally important as SERPS are. Google’s recommended search focuses on your location to narrow down your search.

This means that Google now understands what you actually want, and not just what you ask for.