Top E-commerce trends for your business in 2019

Top E-commerce trends for your business in 2019 1

Technology has moved beyond the hype and become a reality. As the new year approaches, it’s time to reflect on last year’s online shopping trends and raise the bar for e-commerce in the next year. Smart buyers of today want the entire shopping experience, not only at the stores, rather in digital space-online! Here’s a list of top trends for doing e-commerce the right way in the year 2019.

Mobile apps

Top E-commerce trends for your business in 2019 2A killer mobile app, wins the race for any business. Most e-commerce giants are pushing for improved mobile apps and less browser use this year.
“Studies reveal that more than 50% of online purchases are made from mobile apps rather than websites, load speed delayed by 1 second can reduce conversion rates” Today’s smart buyer not only expects a seamless experience which is efficient and secure but one that provides a feel that he can relate and return to. Speed, convenience, ease of payment and availability are on priority for all customers, but a good mobile app helps a great deal in forming your brand image and increasing your customer reach. We recommend for premium themes and templates (for all online businesses). Shopify is a widely used and popular e-commerce platform.

Social Media

Top E-commerce trends for your business in 2019 3Social media has been a big hit these past years and is still a significant driver of traffic for websites. Creating a strong online presence across the board can be a major factor in growing your business

Videos are a dominant medium due to their versatile nature, research shows that videos increase conversion rates by 144% that means including videos at the top on your social media marketing list for 2019.

  • Start with attracting traffic (share images, written content, links to your website)
  • Build engagement (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat)
  • Convert to sales (Paid social ads, Remarketing, In-app purchases)

Live streaming has also become huge part of social media; what buyers have come to enjoy more than videos is live videos Influencer marketing is the fastest growing online customer acquisition method. This is not only popular for videos on YouTube but more so Twitter, where buyers see tweets from the brand and the influencer.
“40% of user base say they have purchased something as a direct result of an influencers tweet”

Instagram is one social media platform that is less saturated, followers are most likely to see posts that are free on this channel than paid posts on Facebook. You can use, profile link or third party tools to get e-commerce sales from Instagram. offers a free plug-in, Instagram shop by snapppt, that can help you start driving your e-commerce sales for free.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Top E-commerce trends for your business in 2019 4These emerging technologies are talk of the town as buyers show huge interests for shopping in the digital space. Purchasing at physical stores has always been very different from shopping online, but combining them both to create an exclusive experience is the ultimate e-commerce goal of the future. Businesses use Virtual Reality to create a simulated environment that provides a virtual version of their stores at your home, like virtual showrooms and virtual stores, which are very similar to a physical store. Leveraging Augmented Reality, retailers merge objects with the real world, the customer is able to visualize the actual product before they buy. This helps in reducing the buyer fear (try it before you buy it). VR and AR is the future of retail industry by creating a new level of customer engagement and given their pace of advancement, businesses should be ready to incorporate these technologies to their customer base offerings.


Top E-commerce trends for your business in 2019 5These technologically advanced aids have gained massive popularity and they aren’t stopping. The automated program is designed to mimic human-like responses to queries for buyers, online and mobile. Chat-bots are designed to handle specific queries and provide intelligent responses based upon customer preferences. “Recent studies reveal consumers are positive using chat-bots when communicating with brands”.

  • customer engagement (smart and concise answers)
  • Round the clock global customer service (cost effective)
  • Convenient and readily available
  • Personalized messages
  • Voice activated call centers

Chat-bots can be multi-lingual, programmed to multi task and an essential part of any successful web application. Designing chat-bots that are more human like, both business and buyer oriented can help boost sales. Clothing brands, food retailers, tech companies are all integrating chat-bots to their web applications as a trending e-commerce must. Following Facebook chatbot best practices will make your brand more professional and clients – satisfied.

Mobility, efficiency and convenience is the main focus today’s customer. End of the year marks a good time to recollect and refocus our energies and channel them in-to deriving business growth and success. Hiring the right people for this job can get your business on the right track whether is B2B or B2C.

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