How to get from more “likes” to more sales!

How to get from more “likes” to more sales! 1

We all want more” likes”, but what if you’re stuck at getting “likes” but no sales?
How can the right digital marketing strategy help you convert “likes” to sales?

Sure, getting lots of likes for your product or service is nice but if it’s not leading to a sale then you may not really “like” that “like.”

The first part is making your brand visible and creating a voice of your company. Having an awesome brand marketing strategy can make your brand look attractive and create a need for your product or service. Once that is done you want followers to not only “like” you but also buy from you.

Now, a modern customer of today relies on actual research or data to help them make an informed decision. We can’t really get into the customer’s mind and find out why they didn’t buy, but what can help is doing a survey, a study of your audience to find out why they didn’t convert and then make necessary adjustments. To align your strengths with the customer’s pain-points is the key to sales conversion.

Here’s a few tips from the helpful lot at that will aid in converting those “likes” to “sales”

1.      Make the selling process easy

Take the guess work out of the sale process by leading the customer right to it. Lead the customer right into the sale by creating a custom landing page linked with any social media network.

2.      Make a compelling CTA’s

Don’t leave your audience hanging, Direct them!  We are visually enticed creatures and Digital marketers leverage using infographics. Use typography, banners, icons, graphics to make your message received even without audio. The canva plug-in can help you create your own graphics.

3.      Educate your customer to get ready to buy

Breakdown and explain your product, answer all or any objections that a prospective customer would have. Eliminate any doubts that your customer may have, this way you close that exit door.

4.      Survey people- just ask!

Create a survey with open ended questions to find out why a “like” didn’t convert to a sale. Once you gather enough responses, you can then adjust your website or landing page accordingly and maximize your revenue.

5.      More is STILL more- bundle up!

Increase your total revenue from bundling, offer more by (package deals and discounts) to entice the visitors on any of your platform

6.      Keep your website updated! Web Design is crucial.

If someone likes your social media output and ends up on your page, more often than not he is “really wiling”. A responsive, informed and efficient website can really seal the deal and convert that like to a confirmed sale.

“As the average attention span of a person is shrunk to 8 seconds, paying attention to website speed has become crucial” (

7.      Recommendations

Creating a community within a social environment, studies show customers are more likely to buy a product if it is recommended by a friend or an acquaintance.

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