Brick and mortar in times of transition!

Brick and mortar in times of transition! 1

Brick and mortar in times of transition!

So we are all aware of the constant debate over brick and mortar vs tech savvy businesses.

Does one triumph over the other? Are you afraid to lose real human relations to ones that based on likes and shares?


With the rise in technology of the internet and mobile world, online presence is a must-have!

If you’re thinking about going from traditional to digital we can navigate you every step of the way; starting from creating an attractive website design, to” sticky” online marketing management-to an evolved business presence online.


Here’s how DEFQON can help!

Design a custom meet-your-needs Digital marketing strategy to generate new business, increase ROI by meeting and exceeding customer requirements; mainly capitalizing on digital transformations global reach and effectiveness.


In a nutshell we help map opportunities and fill the gaps


  1. Web designingyour website is a direct reflection of your business, so whether is designing a brand new website or revamping; our goal is to make you look attractive and give limitless choices to your customers, efficiently!


  1. Mobile application development is top on priority, more than half of online traffic is via mobile; having your products available at a single touch and accessible anywhere light speed. It is about giving optimized services, unlimited choices and developing a kick-ass Mobile app, that connects to customers personally and answers to their needs timely.


  1. Social media marketing Facebook, Instagram, twitter are popular social media channels that can be used to highlight your business and increase your Social Media Return on investment (ROI). Starting with defining Social media goals, using Social Media Metrics to evaluate the outcome, drawing competitive analysis to get optimized social media presence and generate new business.


  1. Software development and Web based apps (Android/ iOS) that can advantage brick and mortar companies without losing sight of their traditions. Creating an online community for your customers; email, bots, live chats, messaging apps. Being responsive and letting your customers know that their needs matter and come first.


Transitioning into the online world can be difficult but businesses can outshine competition with a strong website and an effective online strategy.

DEFQON’s digital consultancy guides you to reinvent designs and processes; with our innovative business techniques we can assist you achieve your goals of efficiency, connectivity and customer excellence.