6 Excellent Benefits of Using Chatbots in Your Business

improve customer service

Use Chatbots across the Customer Journey

Convert website visitors into paying customers, and speed up customer resolutions with Custom Bots.

If you have ever wished you had a business assistant who did not cost much but took care of time-consuming tasks, good news. You probably can have that, thanks to some big improvements in the way chatbots work.

Chatbots used to be good for answering only the simplest questions but now they can do a lot more. Thanks to advances in chatbot tech, a growing number of chatbot plugins and Facebook Messenger’s chat tools for business, bots can handle several important customer service and marketing tasks for you.

Here are 6 ways a chatbot can make your small business better.

1.   Instant Customer Service

Nobody wants to wait for answers to basic questions about your business. With a chatbot, they do not have to. No matter what time of day people visit your site with questions, and no matter how busy you are, chatbots can take care of those basic Q&As for you.

You can set up your chatbot with a menu of questions and answers relevant to your business and customers. If your chatbot has AI-backed natural language processing capabilities (and some WordPress chatbot plugins do), your customers can have real conversations with your bot to get answers to their questions.

2.   Marketing Data Collection

Chatbots are a great way to build your marketing lists. If your customers sign into the chat with their Facebook profile, you can receive their public profile data. You can also request an email address and phone number to build your marketing lists.

3.   Personalized Product Recommendations

With a bot that can offer personalized suggestions, your business can meet one of the make-or-break standards of personalized customer experience. The others include a frictionless shopping experience and help making good purchase decisions.

4.   Help Customers Find the Products They Want

With the right chatbot, your customers can find what they are looking for while they chat, without having to click around the site on their own. For example, some WordPress chatbots integrate with Woo Commerce to support product searches, upsells and cross-sells within the chat feature. This creates a customer experience that is more like in-store service than online click-and-search shopping.

5.       Remind Customers About Items in Their Shopping Cart

There are many factors that make customers ditch their carts, like a clunky checkout process and high shipping fees. But sometimes shoppers just get distracted, or have to get back to work, and forget there’s something they meant to buy languishing in a digital cart.

Chatbots can help with that, by sending a reminder to shoppers about those products, or an invitation to ask questions, or a discount offer on the items in their cart. That can raise your conversion rates without any effort by you.

6.       Send Campaigns via Email, Chat, and Text

The real power of today’s chatbots is how much data they collect and organize for business owners. When you have a chatbot that gathers Facebook Messenger information, email addresses and phone numbers, you have instant marketing lists. And when you combine that contact information with details about how those shoppers used the chatbot and your site, you have an easy way to segment those lists and create more effective campaigns. Some chatbots will let you send chat campaigns to your whole list or segments. Some integrate with other marketing tools so you can build email and text campaigns, too.

Now that you have seen how chatbots can help your small business, how do you get started?

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